Uncategorized Thinking About Buying a Second Home? Why Now Is The Time. I have many childhood memories of summer road trips to our second home in Cape Cod. Some we can (thankfully) laugh at 30 years later,  like the time my 6-year-old sister got her finger stuck in the hole of a clipboard during a late-night trip one year.  Slowly, it began to turn scary shades of […]
Uncategorized When Selling is Swift, but Buying is Slow; Here are 4 Ideas for Your Next Steps We’re in the midst of a robust seller’s market.  If you’re ready to sell now, you’ve got the upper hand. When your home listing goes live and is priced right, it may cause such a clamor of prospective buyers and competitive offers that you may feel like you’re in the middle of a kid’s birthday […]
Buying a Home Essential Advice for Your Next Home Purchase In today’s market, great homes and investment properties are getting snapped up like they’re the last cookies in the cookie jar. Where there used to be a plethora of properties to choose from, buyers now face some steep competition. With these slim odds, stress and anxiety tend to steer the wheel as you navigate your […]
Selling Your Home Selling your Home: Can You Put a Price on Emotional Exhaustion? Watching my mother go through the process of selling our family home of 20 years was nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster.  Her moments of sadness and sentiment coupled with irritability and frustration certainly made for a family experience we’ll never forget. Our beloved matriarch drove us crazy for months before the house went on […]
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